Triple Big Blue - Entire House System

home water purification system

• 3 x 20″ BB Housings are frame mounted

• All systems come with two sediment filters and a solid carbon filter

• High-quality high flow filters

Flow rate: +/- 3000 litres per hour

Uses little pressure 1,5 bars incoming pressure

Uses 2 x 5-micron Sediment 20” BB Filters and 1 x 20” BB Carbon

Filter Lifespan 6-12 months depends on usage and water quality.

Safe, Clean Water for Drinking, Bathing, and Washing

The Triple Big Blue water filtering systems are modular systems, this system is used to remove undissolved solids or also know as sediment and the carbon block filter removes chlorine, removes bad taste and odours, removes herbicides, pesticides, cysts, and pathogens. This system improves the taste and quality of the water.

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