RO water SA is known as one of the leading manufacturers of water treatment equipment all over South-Africa as well as neighbouring countries including Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. We recently installed a 500 liters per hour reverse osmosis water treatment plant for Glass Innovations.

Municipal water is used as the main source for the water treatment plant. The purpose of this water treatment plant is to use ultra-pure water in the manufacturing process to insure the highest quality end product. This reverse osmosis water treatment plant is fully automated to improve efficiency and productivity.

The equipment for this water treatment plant includes:

  • 500 Litres per hour Reverse Osmosis water purification system.
  • Fully Automated Industrial Water Softener.
  • Media used for this specific water treatment plant includes Silica Sand and Activated Carbon
  • 3 stage water filter with two Sediment water filters and one carbon water filter.

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