Water Testing and Analysis

water testing and chemical analysis

We make use of various reputable laboratories in South Africa to determine the quality of raw water supplies. Our staff can do a normal TDS, PH and Turbidity water test on site for all clients.

Testing water sources is very important for anyone within or affected by the water industry. This includes Individuals, Business owners, People who want to be a part of Water Treatment projects, government organizations to safeguard against environmental and health risks, to homeowners wanting to ensure their water is safe for consumption. As an industry, we must stay on top of the latest news, trends, and regulations affecting water sources and educate consumers on properly testing and treating their water supplies accordingly.

Water can be sourced in multiple different ways, either public source like municipal water or from a private source such as well water, also known as borehole water. It is recommended to test water sources regularly to keep the source safe and free of potential health/environmental risks. There are different types of Water Testing, and to what frequency, will depend on the unique components specific to the water source in question. The necessary water test can be impacted by factors such as local and federal regulations, location, climate/weather, infrastructure, agriculture, and even the desired detection level.

Testing water sources not only educate people about water quality and water treatment solutions but also gives consumers understanding of these possible threats, but also lead to overall enhanced business productivity and profitability for the water treatment professional.

Testing of water includes testing levels of total dissolved solids, hardness, chemical, iron, Bacteria counts, E-coli and more. This can be performed by taking a sample and sending it to the closest laboratory performing laboratory tests/analyses. Although more expensive, the lab analyses often offer more accurate and in-depth needed when harmful contaminants may be present.

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