RO Water SA supplies various replacement filters for water purifiers and water filtration equipment. Our range of filters include sediment filters, carbon block filters, granular activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis membranes, ultra-filtration membranes, taste and odour filters, alkaline post filters and mineral injectors.

The filters we supply include the following sizes: 

5 inch10 inch20 inch30 inch40 inch

Sediment Filters: removal of sands, salt, dirt and dust particles

sediment filter

Sediment FIlter

yarn sediment filter

Yarn Sediment

slimline yarn sediment filter

Slimline Yarn

slimline sediment filter

Slimline Sediment

Carbon Block Filters: function as chemical absorption of impurities and contaminants in water. Carbon filters are widely used to remove chlorine, taste, odour, and colour

slimline carbon filter
carbon water filter
mesh carbon water filter
carbon water purifier
slimline carbon water purifier

Activated Carbon Filters  Removes certain odours, chlorine, and improves taste.

activated carbon filter

Activated Carbon FIlter

activated carbon combination filter

Combination Filter

Mineral Filters

mineral water filter
mineral water purifier

Taste and Odour Filters: To remove any unusual taste in drinking water

water taste and odour filter

RO Domestic Membranes:    Membranes filter out all the contaminants and particles from water source once it has passed through pretreatment. Membrane filtration is a pressure-driven separation process.

RO membranes are great solutions for many different applications. Membranes serve as highly-engineered, physical barriers that permit the passage of materials only up to a certain size, shape or character. RO Water Systems offers reverse osmosis membranes (RO membranes), Dow Filmtec membranes and Vontron membranes in a variety of configurations, materials and sizes; each designed to meet specific application needs.

domestic reverse osmosis membrane
home reverse osmosis membrane
household reverse osmosis membrane

Washable Pleated Filters

washable pleated water filter
reusable pleated water filter
slimline pleated water filter
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