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5 stage reverse osmosis water purification system

The 5 stage reverse osmosis water purification system is manufactured for household / domestic use. The reverse osmosis purification process will ensure all water contamination is removed from your drinking water and this ensures safe drinking water for your household.

reverse osmosis purification system

The reverse osmosis purification system removes 90% of total dissolved solids, 99% of all organics and 99% of bacteria in drinking water.

The Under counter reverse osmosis purification system provides safe, pure water using the reverse osmosis purification process. The purified Water is used for drinking, washing fruits / vegetables, kettle water and water used in your ironing machine.

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The Reverse Osmosis System for household use is very easy to install and the filter replacement should be done Annually or as advised by our expert team.


This system consists of 5 stages to eliminate all harmful bacteria and chemicals. In addition, we also offer the Mineral Filter and PH Filter if preferred.


This Water System is ideal for homes with low water pressure or water pressure below 2.5 bar. We would recommend the RO Unit with Booster pump if your water pressure is more than 2.5 bar.

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