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Turbidity Removal Filtration Vessel

The turbidity removal media is an excellent water treatment media. It can be used for commercial and home installations. This media is also an exceptional swimming pool filtration media. Depending on the requirement for particulate removal, it can be either substituted for sand or used in conjunction with sand. The filter material can be disposed of readily in any outdoor location without harm to the environment or backflushed in place with salt water. The media is ideal for wastewater treatment. It is the material of choice for removal of ammonium, lead, and many heavy metal ions. Physical Filtration + Surface Adsorption + Chemical Capture Macro Filtration + MicroFiltration + Ion Exchange

turbidity removal filtration vessel


Installation & Service

The Turbidity Removal Vessel should be installed by an Accredited RO Water Technician or a qualified plumber. Service intervals as adviced by our professional team of experts.

Why our Water System

Our filtration equipment features an excellent design with high-quality components to offer high performance. Our systems are designed for the longest lifespan with minimum energy consumption. 


Increases clarity in the water, 95% Reduction in Turbidity, SS & SDI, Removal of heavy metals. Removal of bad tastes Control of odours. Reduction in B.O.D· & C.O.D. Softens water Decreased staining.

Sizes of Filtration Vessels
  • 200-500 Liters Per Hour
  • 600 – 1500 Liters Per Hour
  • 2000 – 2500 Liters Per Hour
  • 2500 – 3000 Liters Per Hour
  • 3200 – 4500 Liters Per Hour
  • 3500 – 4800 Liters Per Hour
  • 4000 – 5500 Liters Per Hour
  • 6200 – 8200 Liters Per Hour
  • 7000 – 12000 Liters Per Hour
  • 13000 – 16000 Liters Per Hour
  • 22000 – 27000 Liters Per Hour
turbidity removal filtration vessels installation with triple big blue
high capacity turbidity removal media installation
turbidity removal filtration vessel with storage tank
turbidity removal filtration vessel with jojo tank
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