Product Description of a Water Softener:

Water softener with brine tankLet’s have a look at how the water softener works and detailed information on the product Description of a Water Softener. A water softener softens water by removing the minerals that cause water to be “Hard” Water softener reduces the calcium or magnesium ion concentration in hard water. These “hardness ions” cause two major kinds of problems.

The metal ions react with soaps and calcium-sensitive detergents, hindering their ability to lather properly and forming an unsightly precipitate. The presence of “hardness ions” also inhibits the cleaning effect of detergent formulations.

Water hardness is responsible for many maintenance and process problems in commercial applications and throughout your home. Hard water can clog pipes because of the scale buildup and leave behind watermarks on appliances. 

Our Automatic Commercial Water Softeners provide soft water to meet the demanding specifications of all types of businesses and institutions with simple and reliable equipment.

Water Softener Hardness Removal

RO Water Systems filtration equipment features an excellent design with high-quality components to offer high performance. Our systems are designed for the longest life span with minimum energy consumption. Experience greater savings with lower maintenance and operation costs when you install our filtration equipment.

Advantages of a Water Softener includes:water filter for hard water

  • No scale deposits on Machinery and equipment prolonging the lifespan. 
  • Reduces the ph in the water.
  • Soft Water can reduce sensitive skin
  • You will save money on detergents as with soft water you tend to use less soap.

Water Softening is safe for both human and animal consumption. Some chemicals that are found in hard water that significantly affect the health of individuals as well as animals.

Water Softening Equipment

  • Durable mineral tanks consisting of a rotationally molded polyethylene liner and a high strength epoxy/fiberglass outer shell. Tanks are corrosion resistant and are an NSF approved
  • Brine tanks and cabinet enclosures are constructed of rugged, seamless, one-piece molded polyethylene. They are lightweight and strong.
  • High quality softening resin
  • Quartz gravel support beds.

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