Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

We supply a wide range of industrial and commercial water purification systems for different applications. Our reverse osmosis industrial water purifiers range from 1200 litres per day, 3000 litres per day, 7000 litres per day, 12 000 litres per day, 500 litres per hour, 1000 litres per hour, 2000 litres per hour, 3000 litres per hour, 5000 litres per hour, 10 000 litres per hour and we can build plants up to 500,000 litres per hour. 

Our reverse osmosis water treatment plants are custom designed to your specific requirements. There are various determining factors that will give an indication of what equipment needs to be used with regards to the pre-filtration, sterilization, dosing equipment and this is all to ensure you get the highest quality of pure water as end product and to protect the plant build. The supply water source is in most cases the most important factor, this water must be tested from a reputable laboratory, we will then design the plant in accordance with these elements on the analysis and in accordance with you required flow-rate.

1200 lpd reverse osmosis

1200 litre per day RO System

3000 lpd reverse osmosis industrial

3000 Litre per day RO System

7000 litres reverse osmosis system

7000 Litre per day RO System

13000 lpd industrial reverse osmosis system

13 000 Litre per day RO SYstem

1000 lph industrial water purifier

1000 Litre per hour RO System

2000 litre per hour commercial reverse osmosis system

2000 Litre per Hour RO System

3000 lph industrial ro system

3000 Litre per hour RO SYstem

5000 litres per hour industrial reverse osmosis system

5000 Litre per Hour RO System

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