1. How long have you been in business, do you have any referrals?

2. What do my water testing results show? Applicable when using Borehole water supply.

3. What was tested in the Water Analysis? Applicable when using Borehole water supply.

4. Does the water analysis test the main water contaminants? Applicable when using Borehole water supply.

5. What health hazards does my water results reveal?

6. Do the water quality issues in my home require reverse osmosis, whole-house treatment, or will I be okay with a single-tap or other Point-of-Use filter device?

7. Will the system you’re recommending treat enough water to accommodate my family’s needs?

8. What is the total purchase price?

9. What is the maintenance cost for the system year in and year out?

10. Can you be installing and servicing the device?

11. Does the price include installation?

12. Can I maintain the system myself?

13. Can I get the filters locally from any other store?

14. What type of warranty comes with this product?

15. How will I know if the water system is operating correctly?

16. Would you recommend any by-products?

17. Do you keep service history of my water system?

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