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We will schedule the installation or service of the water filter system on a date that suits you best. We will also arrange for site-visits to take place if necessary.

Get a Quote

Get a quotation from our friendly sales team. They will advice on the type of water purification system you require.


Arrange a Site Inspection

A site inspection will be booked, if needed. It’s very important to have everyhing in place before scheduling installation of your Water Purification System.


Schedule Your Installation

We will schedule the installation of the water filter system on a date that suites you best.




When do I need to service my Water Purifier
We would recommend that you household system is serviced annually, this is when the supply is of good quality. When the supply is of bad quality, we would suggest replacing your filters every six months.

For industrial systems it will all be depended on each and every system, water supply and usage. In general, we will suggest that media is replaced once per year, pre-filters as often as monthly and membranes annually.

How do I service my water system?

We have a household and industrial team specializing in services and installations. We will send a qualified technician to your house to service the household systems. We will also send a technician to your premises for all industrial services to take place.

Please contact our office to book a service or installation.

What do we need to assist with your industrial enquiry?
We would need to know in what area you are situated?

We would need to know what water will be used as supply water. With municipal water it is not needed to supply us with the water test results. When using borehole, river, dam or production water, we would need to see the analysis work of the supply water/.

We would need to know what volumes is needed of the product water?

We would also need to know what the product water will be used for?

Can I do my own Installation?

Yes, we do supply DIY Water Purifiers and Water Filters for home use. For Commercial / Industrial water treatment plants we recommend using our expert team of technicians. It’s very important to make use of an accredited technician to ensure warranty and guarantee is in place.

Why choose RO Water SA?
In this industry you want the following:

-Best quality products

-Best service and customer care

A company that has been in the industry for many years with great experience

Immediate assistance

A solution that works.

With us at RO Water SA you will receive all of the above and we do not compromise on any of these points.

Where is the equipment Manufactured?

So it is important to understand the industry and to know where 90% of all imports into SA is coming from. We distantiate ourselves from inferior quality and import all our products from Taiwan, we pride ourselves in supplying the best quality products in SA.


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