Sevice to the community: Purified water on tap in-store.

– Health benefits. (Pure Water)

– Cost-effective product.

– Average selling price between R1.00 / R1.20 per liter.

– Attracts customers.

– Ideal for retail stores.

– Visually attractive Water Bar unit.

– Promotes recycling. (Re-filling of own containers)


What is lurking in your water?

– Arsenic: Skin problems

– Lead: Kidney failure

– Mercury: Nervous system damage

– Cadmium: Renal failure

– Chlorine: Heart disease

– Nitrates: Cancer

– Aluminium: Alzheimers

– Fluoride: Bone disorders



Water bar: Healthy purified water on tap.

– 200L glass tank

– Booster pump

– Granite top

– Steel stand for Water Bar

– Bubbler

– LED light


– Ozone generator

– Branding of the glass tank

– Water meter

– Water level float


Reverse Osmosis System.

– Computerised management system

– Various Gallon Per Day Systems (1 Gallon = 3.8Ltr)

– Pre-Filtration on unit

– Solenoid switch (High and low-pressure switches)

– Industrial booster pump

– Electronic computer box on the 1000GPD

– Stainless steel membrane housing

– On and Off switches (Manual)


Water Bar stand with drip:

Pre-Filtration Vessels.


– Protects the membranes on the RO

– Filters bad quality water

– Only required if the total dissolved solids (TDS) exceed 160ppm

– Ensures healthy and safe drinking water

– Recommended on every installation as sufficient pre-filtration

– Purchase price R4446.00 Incl. VAT

Water Bar Pricing Structure: Urban Areas.

Cost per standard pre-filtration on unit service: R675.00

(Excluding major repairs)

Water Bar Pricing Structure: Rural Areas.

Cost per standard pre-filtration on unit service: R675.00

(Excluding major repairs)

Costs & Profits (No Profit Sharing)

E.g Water bottled at the store. Suggested selling price R1.00 (Incl. VAT)

Average Cost per Municipal kiloliter (1000L) used R19.09/KL

Water Bar Pricing Structure: Potential Additional costs.


Value added Services.

– Service to the community

– Providing healthy purified water

– Promoting the re-use of plastic containers by means of refilling

– Roving equipment and product controller

– Retail prices are very low to customers

– Good profit margins to the client


Marketing Material.


Water bottles, Caps and Labels.

Supply and distribution – Nation Wide.

We also do personalised labels of Retail stores.

Contact Annelie: 072 876 7884

RO Water System Labels.

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