Hey guys, today we are sharing some great info about effective ways to recycle water used in production.

Growing industrial continue to depend on water systems and water treatment to reduce production cost and to re-use water that’s previously used in production. The rapid growth in industrial development, especially in developing countries, booming population and climate change, need to have cost-effective solutions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of water technologies and production strategies. The design of water and wastewater treatment facilities requires careful planning, strong understanding of legal implications, future expansion considerations, and operation and maintenance requirements

Big corporate companies have become more aware of the importance of reducing wasted water used in manufacturing and production. Major companies around South Africa in collaboration with RO Water systems have worked together and found cost-effective solutions to re-use wastewater as product water.

There are different water solutions to approach water treatment and we offer customized water treatment solutions according to specifications. The water treatment solution will be determined by various factors, let’s have a look at the important [b]information we will need to determine our approach to water treatment:

Water source, What water will you be using? Municipal water, Borehole water/ Well water, River water, etc.

Hourly requirements: How much water will you need for production. We always try to work according to the amount of water used per hour.

Electricity supply: Is there a stable electricity supply?

Storage tanks: Will we be making use of storage tanks to store both RAW water and treated water.

Space available for a water treatment plant.

We have provided a few sample diagrams to give you an idea of how the water treatment plant will look like, this includes the flow, technique, and method of the water treatment. Please note the image below is only sample diagrams and your water treatment plant may be different according to determining factors.

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