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Turbidity Removal Media

Increases clarity in water

Treatment of cloudiness or murkiness is water

>95% Reduction in Turbidity, SS & SDI
 Removal of heavy metals
 Removal of bad tastes
 Control of odours
 Reduction in B.O.D· & C.O.D
 Softens water
 Decreased staining




Activated Carbon Media Filtration

Chlorine Removal·

 Chlorine By-Products Removal such as THMs·

 Bad Tastes and Odors Removal·

 Turbidity Removal·

 Herbicides, Pesticides· & Insecticides Removal

 Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) Removal·

Activated Carbon Filter- Organic &Chlorine Removal





Water Softener

Treatment of hard water

Removal of lime scale

Removal of kalk in water

Calcium removal







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