Additional Storage Tanks

additional water storage installation

The water storage tanks are used for domestic, industrial and rainwater harvesting applications. Backup water supply is becoming an essential recommendation for household use with ongoing water cuts and shortages, this is to always ensure water availability for household use even when the water is not available from the municipality.

We use these storage tanks for raw and clean water tanks in our water bottling processes. The tanks we install for these purposes are durable, safe, and strong and come with standard fittings that will include automated level control features. We also use the storage tanks in our rainwater harvesting projects.

The size dimensions range from 500 litres to 20 000 litres and are designed for any of your bulk water storage needs.

We always recommend using the correct pre-filtration and sterilization equipment before water enters the storage tanks. This allows for water to be stored for long periods of time.

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