120 Liters per hour Water Bar

120 litre per hour reverse osmosis system

This Industrial Reverse Osmosis System will supply the glass tank with 120 Liters per hour of purified RO water


Production Capacity: 120LPH @ 25°C

Salt Rejection: 96-98%

Recovery Rate: 50-75%

Connection: 3/8”Feed, 1/2”Permeate, 1/2”Concentrate


RO Membrane: 2.5”x40”

Membrane Housing: SS304 body + ABS end caps – 2054 x 1pc

Pump: Italian Rotary Vane Pump 400LPH@12Bar + 1/2HP Taiwan Motor

Frame: Electro-Plated SS304

Pre-Filter: 2 x 20″ housings

Solenoid Valve x 2

Low Pressure Switch x 1

Concentrate Recycling Valve x 1


Control Panel Components

RO Controller: Pre-programmed RO working procedures + permeate TDS monitor

Pressure Gauges x 2: Filter Feed + RO Feed

Flow Meters x 2: RO Permeate + RO Concentrate

Pressure Regular: SS316

Main Power Switch x 1

purified water bar
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