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R O Water Systems is the leading water purification supplier in South Africa.

Industrial Water Treatment solutionsHousehold Water systems

Industrial Water Treatment solutions

Industrial Water Purification systems

R O Water Systems offers a wide range of Water treatment solutions nationwide. RO Water Systems provide expert advice and solutions according to our clients specifications. As leading suppliers of Water Treatment and Water purification solutions in South Africa, we always ensure our clients only get the best quality treatment as per their request .

Applications of Purified water can be used in the following industries: Manufacturing of Equipment, Cosmetics, Machinery, bottling of Juices and bottling of cold drinks, bottling of water, Cleaning of Windows, Manufacturing of glass, Lime scale removal, pharmaceutical industry and automotive use. The Purification process removes contaminants that may interfere with processes, or leave residues.

Household Water systems

Whole Household Water Filtration solutions

R O Water Systems supplies a wide range of Water treatment solutions for your whole house. This Whole house systems are customised according to the clients specifications and for the specific Water problem. This solutions offer filter water before the water enters the house to protect the piping, appliances and geysers.

Household water purification systems

The 5 stage reverse osmosis unit is the most popular water treatment solution suited for your household.

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