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We can use storage tanks for raw and pure water to ensure that the client always has a sufficient supply of water.


The water storage tanks are designed to cater for both domestic and industrial use for various storage purposes. Backup water supply is becoming an essential recommendation for household use and has always been very important in the bottling industry. This is to always ensure water availability for household use and to ensure sufficient supply when bottling. The tanks we install for these purposes are durable, safe, and strong and come with standard fittings that will include automated level control features.

The size dimensions range from 500 litres to 20 000 litres and are designed for any of your bulk water storage needs.

These water storage tanks are commonly used for the rainwater harvesting, storage of water purified water and storage of RAW water.

We always recommend using the correct Pre-filtration and adding a UV light or Ozone generator to sterilize the tank. This allows for water to be stored for long periods of time.

The water supply (Municipal Water / Borehole water) will pass through the Water treatment systems and the water will be collected in the storage tank according to the required capacity. The water treatment process will automatically stop when the tank reaches full capacity.  From there the stainless steel booster pump will pump the water to the distribution point of your choice.



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