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Please contact us for all relevant prices and quotations on Water Purification systems, Installation, Repairs and Services.

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Office: 0861 444 285

Francois: 082 3411 943



RO system provided is best suitable for:

  • Start-up Water companies
  • Start-up Water bar for retailers
  • Small-scale bottling plant
  • Laboratories
  • Small- Medium size water production
  • Drinking Water application
  • Food and Beverage manufacturing
  • Industrial Application


Features of the 1200 liter per day Reverse Osmosis system:

  • FDA Approved Polypropylene Made Flat Cap Housing (double o'ring).
  • Automatic Shut-off Valve, Mini Flow Restrictor, Stainless Steel Check Valve.
  • Feed water connector.
  • Drain Saddle Valve.
  • Four Color Coded 1/4 inch Tubing for System Connection
  • Completely Assembled
  • 100% Factory Tested and Sterilized Ready for Installation.


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