One simple step for both clarifying and disinfecting water

A simple procedure called "low pressure" ultrafiltration permits the clarification and disinfection of water in a single step. A membrane barrier acts like a filter for all particles over 10-20 nm in size: pollen, algae, bacteria, viruses, germs and organic molecules.



High-quality pure water

This technology guarantees water of consistently high quality, with no taste or odour. NO WASTEWATER

An environmentally friendly technology

The ultrafiltration procedure uses membrane technology that has no wastewater, the mineral structures of the water are also not affected.

Microporous Filtration

There are three types of microporous filtration: depth, screen and surface. Depth filters are matted fibres or materials compressed to form a matrix that retains particles by random adsorption or entrapment. Screen filters are inherently uniform structures which, like a sieve, retain all particles larger than the precisely controlled pore size on their surface. Surface filters are made from multiple layers of media. When fluid passes through the filter, particles larger than the spaces within the filter matrix are retained, accumulating primarily on the surface of the filter.

The distinction between the filters is important because they all serve very different functions.


  • Effectively removes most particles, pyrogens, microorganisms, and colloids above their rated size.
  • Produces highest quality water with the least amount of energy
  • .No Waste Water


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