Mobile Containerized Water Filtration Systems for Indutrial Application:


Eskom Water Filtration equipment

Monthly rental unit – capacity of 180 000lt/hour media filtration unit suitable for river,borehole and municipal water purification.

Application for municipal projects, mining projects, Eskom projects, new RDP development projects, etc.

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Industrial Media FRP Vessels                         Magnetic Control Systems                       High Volume Pump equipment



Manual / Auto control panels              System Built in to Container                     Post - Filtration


Commercial Water Softeners:


Media Filtration fiber glass vessels for Household use and Indsutrial use.

Media filtration systems include: Water Softeners, Activated Carbon media filtration, Silica Sand and Clino Green sand media.



Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water systems:


- We supply Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems that range from 400 Gallons per day up to 18,000 Gallons per day



          1000 Gallons per day      2000 Gallons per day       4000 Gallons per day with pre-filtration



Customized Filtration Plant - Municipal



Mobile Filtation container                      Control valves



Media vessels                                      High volume pump systems


Complete Water Filtration plant, built on-site with pump station and clarifiers system



Ultra Filtration Water systems for Industrial use





Brakish Water equipment for Industrial use: 5000LT per day:



Water Filtration Unit with UV Treatment:



Newly Built Industrial Units







Reverse Osmosis Water System built for the Glass Industry - 3000 Litres per hour with pre-filtration





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